18ct Gold Plated Star Stud Earrings 925Silver Pernille Corydon 0 3Inches Tall-Gold-E171G LYHVQURNH

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High quality HANDMADE Star earrings from the LUNA STAR COLLECTION of the Danish Designer Pernille Corydon.The jewelry is made of 925 STERLING SILVER plated in 18K GOLD. The item is NICKELFREE.The earrings are slightly brushed. The star size is 0,4 cm.The jewelry can be worn on formal occasions and for celebrations, be it birthday, engagement, a cocktail party or a wedding. It is also a memorable gift for a friend, girl-friend, fiance, wife or mother. The jewelry comes in the original Pernille Corydon jewelry box.

"Creation is my great passion. I constantly see new possibilities and forms. The urge to create has always been a part of me. I find my inspiration in fashion, architecture, furniture, nature and in people. I am very observant, and I see details that inspire me everywhere" says Pernille Corydon.
A sincere passion for creating small pieces of everyday beauty with a simplistic yet distinct touch is the essential behind the jewellery design from Pernille Corydon. Since the founding in Denmark in 2007 Pernille Corydon connects with the Scandinavian simplicity. The fascination of our surroundings and the strong shapes that can be discovered everywhere, if you allow yourself to discover them, is constantly inspiring us. By embracing nature and capturing shapes the beautiful Pernille Corydon collections come to life. We believe in telling stories and we want to give our lovely customers the opportunity to express their personality and femininity by wearing our jewellery. When you carry Pernille Corydon design you carry small memories to keep and remember. And the clean language in design makes it easy to combine the pieces as you like.
The jewellery of Pernille Corydon is sold through more than 500 retailers in 18 countries and in cosmopolitans such as Copenhagen, Helsinki, Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Tokyo.
The designer behind
Born in 1976 Pernille Corydon grew up in the small town of Kerteminde on the Danish island of Funen. Pernille Corydon's interest in crafts proved at an early age and through the years her unique talent became more and more evident. In 2007 Pernille Corydon started focusing on designing jewellery, formed and produced by her own hands.

18ct Gold Plated Star Stud Earrings 925Silver Pernille Corydon 0 3Inches Tall-Gold-E171G LYHVQURNH

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